i'm sorry, but if you're a straight girl and don't fancy danielle, este or alana one bit, you're lying. everyone's a lil gay for haim.

how to address someone who has been flirting with your bae - haim style.

Danielle played on guitar in my band for the Acid Tongue tour. She was in my band, and then Este played with me as well a little bit later on. I did a bunch of shows with Danielle. It was her first tour ever. She’s such a sweetheart and such a badass, and I’m so very proud of them. They’re my friends. You know, we’re all Valley girls. Whenever I have a party or jam or whatever at my house, they’re always there, ’cause they’re really close by.
written by Jenny Lewis, on the Haim sisters (x)

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Just announced by Zane Lowe on Radio 1: HAIM will feature on Bastille new, upcoming mixtape "VS. (Other People’s Heartache pt III)"

Actually, I get a lot more lady love, which I am totally down with. I’m all about the ladies.
written by Alana the heterosexual one in Haim (x)

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"Whose talent blows you away?"

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Danielle getting ready before Oh Well at Corona Capital.

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leyt0n replied to your post:life is great when you order a chicken wrap,…

do u like chicken?

no :////////

life is great when you order a chicken wrap, chicken panini, 12 chicken nuggets wide a side of fries just for yourself. i am content with life. i love you, online takeaway x


the haim fandom manages to make fun of every single thing this band does and yet loves them more then oxygen and somehow does both at the same time 

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am I the only one who can’t even imagine danielle doing sex things is that just me like she’s too awkward she’s too pure I refuse to accept

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ladies i lovealana haim

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im all about that bass (player)


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